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Perhaps you are experiencing difficulties in your life, either personally or professionally, where things seem out of control, or that you are not where you wish to be. 

You may have identified specific issues or be at a loss to know what is causing you distress.

Therapy is a place where these questions and concerns can be understood in an appropriate, thoughtful and supported way.

Therapy provides an opportunity to talk to a trained professional in a confidential space in order to work through your concerns.  These concerns can often leave you feeling isolated in your life and feeling unable to share them with family, friends or colleagues.

Therapy offers you a non-judgemental and protected space within which you can explore your thoughts, feelings and problematic issues.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy considers past events in our lives, our childhood, losses and relationships, to understand how and why we are as we are.  Rather than feel we are compelled to experience life in familiar patterns, therapy offers understanding and choice within our lives.

Therapy provides a contained and confidential space that is consistent.  At least once a week your session will be at the same place and time.  Any breaks in your therapy will be notified in advance, and this allows a sense of continuity and containment within the process.

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